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Os X Mail hangs while importing mailboxes

I ran into this weird problem, and it caused me to loose so much time!! I hope that this can help you, if you ever encounter this issue.
After starting Mail in Lion for the first time, a window appeared telling me that it needed to convert the old mailboxes to the new format. I said yes and waited.
Then I noticed that the number of mails processed stopped, and activity monitor was reporting an anomalous cpu usage for Mail.  I tried several times by force-quitting mail and restarting it, but to no avail.
So I started to think that the mail folder included in the user/library folder could be damaged.  
This is how I solved this issue.
First thing to do: move out the mail folder from the luser/library folder.
Open Mail, let it create a new one, quit Mail and trash the newly created Mail Folder.
Make a copy of the old mail folder from your old Mac (it can be really huge, especially if you have multiple mailboxes or receive many e-mails), then place it in the user/library folder.
Start Mail, and now it should begin converting the mailboxes without getting stuck.
Remember to repair often the file permissions, using Disk Utility.

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