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iAnnotate v2.3.1 connectivity issues

Hello everyone,
this post is for people using iAnnotate on the iPad.  It is a very popular and handy app, especially for people using and studying over e-books and PDFs.
Since version 2.3, the OS X app AJI reader service, which was intended to easily upload files in the app, is no longer working with iAnnotate.
If you try to use it, iAnnotate will crash as soon as it starts transferring any file.
So now we are forced into using iTunes. When you want to backup a folder to iTunes, just push on the folder, then press the "send to iTunes" button.
The folder will show up in the iTunes app file sharing section.
Make sure you have enough space on your iPad, if you intend to backup a large folder, since iAnnotate will make a copy of the whole folder, and if it finishes the space during the copy, iAnnotate will hang and you'll be forced to restart the app.
After pressing the "send to iTunes" button, remember to save your file locally on your mac.
Then, in the file sharing tab, select the folder you just transferred and press the Delete button on your keyboard. If you don't do so, you will waste precious space in your iPad, since everything showing up in that section is a copy of something you already have in the iAnnotate library.
I had a folder that was over 1GB, so I had pretty much finished the available memory on my iPad.
I just deleted the folder that I had transferred on my mac earlier, and now everything is fine.
I hope this will help anyone with the same problem as me!!!

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  1. I have recently purchased iannotate for ipad mini, retina display. I crashes all the time. I am reading a PDF i imported from my Google drive account, and boom! Start again... Is there any solution without having to go with iTunes?