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Parallels Desktop 7.0.15098 not compatible with USB 3.0

Just wanted to let you all know that Parallels Desktop, the software virtualization King for Macs, is currently not compatible with USB 3.0 found on new hardware.
I tried several usb keys and hard disks, and none of them is recognized by Windows 7.
I hope an update is on the way!


Root level locked even for administrators in Lion

This is really nasty: I couldn't edit my Macintosh HD folder (which is the root level), move any file/folder in it. 
This is really something annoying if you started using Mac OS many many years ago. 
I found a solution, since the helpful advices on the net about the ALC permissions didn't work for me (although I'm sure they fixed some of the mess created by the OS upgrade process).

First of all you have to enable root user:

then head to your computer icon, highlight your HD icon, cmd-I and now in the privileges section there should be your administrator account.  Change from read-only to read-write.  Now I can move any file and folder which are in the root level.

Obviously having the root user on can be risky, so take your precautions.

Os X Mail hangs while importing mailboxes

I ran into this weird problem, and it caused me to loose so much time!! I hope that this can help you, if you ever encounter this issue.
After starting Mail in Lion for the first time, a window appeared telling me that it needed to convert the old mailboxes to the new format. I said yes and waited.
Then I noticed that the number of mails processed stopped, and activity monitor was reporting an anomalous cpu usage for Mail.  I tried several times by force-quitting mail and restarting it, but to no avail.
So I started to think that the mail folder included in the user/library folder could be damaged.  
This is how I solved this issue.
First thing to do: move out the mail folder from the luser/library folder.
Open Mail, let it create a new one, quit Mail and trash the newly created Mail Folder.
Make a copy of the old mail folder from your old Mac (it can be really huge, especially if you have multiple mailboxes or receive many e-mails), then place it in the user/library folder.
Start Mail, and now it should begin converting the mailboxes without getting stuck.
Remember to repair often the file permissions, using Disk Utility.

The Lion decision

Yes I finally did it. Well, I was forced to, since I got a new MacBook Pro 15.4" with the new Ivy Bridge chip.  I thought moving my files would have been easy, while it's being a really time-consuming process.  I decided to move my files with my time machine backup HD that I used to connect to my former MBP. So I switched on my new mac, the migration assistant asked me how I wanted to move the files and I told it to use the time machine.  After just one hour and a half, the mac already transferred all the 350GB.  As soon as I rebooted, I noticed that some folders were missing, especially some of them which had thousands of files in them. So, be advised: if you are using Time Machine to move your files, double check that all the data was really transferred.  I had more than 10 GB missing!!