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The Lion decision

Yes I finally did it. Well, I was forced to, since I got a new MacBook Pro 15.4" with the new Ivy Bridge chip.  I thought moving my files would have been easy, while it's being a really time-consuming process.  I decided to move my files with my time machine backup HD that I used to connect to my former MBP. So I switched on my new mac, the migration assistant asked me how I wanted to move the files and I told it to use the time machine.  After just one hour and a half, the mac already transferred all the 350GB.  As soon as I rebooted, I noticed that some folders were missing, especially some of them which had thousands of files in them. So, be advised: if you are using Time Machine to move your files, double check that all the data was really transferred.  I had more than 10 GB missing!!

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